Volvo New Air Filtering Technology

Volvo New Air Filtering Technology

It’s the time when everybody is concern about the air they are breathing and hopefully you all are taking mandatory precautions for the on-going pandemic. A lot of air filter technologies are being offered by different automakers and one of them is Volvo.

Volvo is upgrading its new Advance Air technology in its new car that will clean your cabin air including bad breath to yesterday’s food smell.

The automaker has said that its new air technology has a sensor that measures PM 2.5 levels inside the cabin. PM 2.5 values are widely used to measure the air quality and many urban areas suffer from exceeding the levels recommended by the World Health Organization.

This technology is available on all models based on Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) i.e. V90, V90 cross country, XC90, and all 60 series models. Because of synthetic fiber-based filter and ionization, this technology is cable of keeping up to 95 percent of PM 2.5 particles out of the cabin. It is also capable of filtering particles naturally emitted through the human body in the form of a burp, breathe, etc.

Owners of Volvo models who have this new feature in their car can also use the Volvo On Call smartphone app and can schedule extra cleaning for cabin air before their journey. The app will also tell the owner about the current level of PM 2.5 particles that are present in the cabin after cleaning.

Besides, Volvo says that they have also worked on the generation and emission of odors from materials used in the car so that there should be no foul smell present there. The automaker has a special team to take odor assessment inside the car called “The Noses”.