Hyundai Clean Air Technologies

Hyundai Clean Air Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how much cleanliness is important in all aspects so as in the air we are breathing. Hyundai is concerned about this as much as all that’s why they have come with the new “clean air technology” that works with vehicle climate control.

This technology will be available on Hyundai models in Korea later in the future it will be available in Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis vehicles worldwide.


It has three air conditioners each has its specific work to keep the air quality fine in the cabin. The After-Blow is for evaporating dry to suppress mold growth, the Multi-Air Mode is to reduce direct air contact and the Fine-Dust indicator is there to display the air quality at that time. Let’s see how these technologies work:

After-Blow Technology


The after-blow technology works as after the engine is turned off, the water that condenses on the evaporator normally drains for about 30 minutes then the Air-Blow fan activates for about 10 minutes to dry the evaporator and water present in the air passage. If this drying process is not there the humid conditions can grow of mold that causes foul smell in the car especially in summer.

After-blow uses an intelligent battery sensor to monitor battery; this sensor keeps functioning when the battery is low, so it’s good to deactivate when the air conditioning system is not using for a certain time.


 Fine Dust Indicator Technology


This technology is used to analyze the air inside the vehicle at that time and delivers information to the driver on the screen. This indicator displays the concentration of ultra-fine particles inside the vehicle in colors (blue, green, orange, and red) for better understanding.

If the level exceeds 36 μg /m3 while the function is active, then the purifier gets activate automatically to purify the air. If the quality of air does not improve then it gives a reminder to replace the air conditioner filter.


Multi-Air Mode Technology


This technology is for comfort; it uses multiple vents for air conditioning and heating and creates a good environment with the gentle wind. When this mode is on the air is dispersed from the multi-air slots that are newly added and the regular air vents also. The volume of air will remain the same but the direct contact reduces and gentles the air. This mode can be switched off and on as per preferences.