What Are Some Cars That Are Going Electric 2021

What Are Some Cars That Are Going Electric 2021

Reigning With Electricity

Swapped are the days of gasoline with the nectar of electricity these days, the cars are these days more silent and secured with an amount of ‘Electricity’ in their battery packs. 


Some have taken on the challenge of going fully electric but then we have those still sailing with a liter of petrol and diesel within their fuel tanks. 


The stories of vehicles and the automotive world are quite changed now, the scenario is drastically different and changed for sure, what was earlier fuming-up pollution would now be seeking refuge by having plugged in with a power station.


Automotive vehicles would now be interacting with the power stations that are bound to fill these beasts with a level of electricity. 


The below-mentioned vehicles are for sure emanating not even the faintest of emission but rather they have taken on the new stance of going silent and quiet with their walk and stride.

Ariya By Nissan

The real ‘let fall’ of the Nissan Ariya was made 10 years ago and the car company is recreating the vehicle with an ‘Electric Heart’ and the car is but an improved version of what was earlier taken as a sluggish performer. 


The looks of the vehicle have ever floated as stupendous and fantastic at the hands of Nissan with a sloppy layout comprising of a miniature cabin frame and with a straight flattened floor that Nissan claims to be similar to a lounge.

Smoke-free driving scenarios
Powerful and aggressive looks
Futuristic design and solacing interiors 
Works nearly similar to a Tesla
Offers 300 miles on a single charge 
Affordable pricing 

GMC SUT, Hummer

The team Hummer working with the badging of GMC worked out this vehicle Hummer late back in 2010 and the military-styled vehicles it has dealt all these years are but an offering laced with a successful character. 


The greener world would now be experiencing a new vehicle GMC Hummer SUT that would come laced with 3 potent electric motors, and the vehicle would fall this year,

The nimble and fast charging system 
Off-roading capabilities 
Detachable upper roof panels 
Engine with a somewhat 1000 horsepower
3 motors are made as available 
The vehicle is all-electric 

CyberTruck By Tesla

Times have fallen with such an ambiguous mindset that any vehicle that is other than a Tesla is taken with a ‘Raised Brow’ and is believed to be a less competing thing but the Cybertruck by Tesla really settles as something as best this moment. 


The figure is intense of the vehicle is dent-proof that proffers an unbreakable demeanor to the vehicle and is taken as the true look-alike of the ‘Mad Max’,

Outer stealth skin is highly unbreakable 
Holds ambiguity of that of a space machine
Robust from every aspect
Offers 3 motor and 1 motor, models 
3 motor model offers 500 miles of distance 
$39,990 and $69,990 for 1 and 3 motor respectively 

Mercedes Benz EQC

The newest story underneath the German Automaker brand ‘Mercedes’ is quite an interesting one that aims solely and wholly to the world of electric vehicles. 


The car would not hold only the ‘Talked Over’ aspects of an ordinary vehicle but it is a ‘Daimler’ going electric and in a world perfused with ordinary cars shifting to electric, we now have a luxe being that would be silent than the quietness of a still ocean. 

Classically electric and styled with finesse
2 motors that work out nearly 60 miles/hour
Offers 200 miles on a single gulp of diet
Features that holds the Daimler badging as credible 
The actual pricing is confined yet in the deck of cars
It is an overall electric luxe on the road