Do’s and Don’ts at Car Dealership

Do’s and Don’ts at Car Dealership

Shopping for a car is a tough game negotiation. Although you may have experience and know some things that shouldn’t be said to the salesperson, the thing is salesperson deals with consumers daily and you don’t so there are chances you may say something before so it’s better to be prepared. Whether you are a new buyer or an experienced one give it a look it will help you and prepare you for the next time you visit a car dealership.

Do research for what you want

Always go to the dealership with a plan and know what you want as there are lots of options available at dealerships you will get confused and the salesperson will try to have you something he/she is getting more profit. Also, know about what current offers are going on and what is MSRP of the car; this information you can find easily on the internet.

Before taking any deal talk to your insurance agent

Insurance is important for your vehicle and its costs differ as per vehicles and coverage. So before getting onto salesperson words have a word with your insurance agent and know what exactly you have to pay.

Always take a test drive

Whether you are taking a new or used car always take a test drive of that car as taking test drive let you know how comfortable a car is and then you can determine if that is perfect for you or not.

Know your budget and current credit score

Budget and credit score are the two important aspects of buying a car so knowing them is good for you. The first question that a salesperson will ask you is what your budget is so he/she can show options in it and credit score help you getting good financing deals.

Look for different deals

It is not important to buy right then go to the different dealership; compare their deals then make your purchase. Don’t rely on a single dealership.

Read your contract carefully

Before signing any contracts at dealership read it carefully and cut out an extra thing like additional fees that you will be responsible for and then sign it.

Be prepared to leave without taking anything

If the deal is not right or you are not having that much satisfaction you can always leave. Some customers do feel embarrassment for leaving it like but if for something you are paying you should feel right and there is no embarrassment for that.

Do break the entire transaction in chunks

If you will negotiate on the overall price then you will not be saving that much money. Break your transaction in parts like MSRP and financing, then negotiate on every part this will lead you to save more money.

Do bring calculator

If you are taking financing option from a dealer then do verify all the numbers by your own as many time extras are added to your contracts and consumers doesn’t know about that.

Do make a down payment by card

Sometimes dealer go out of business and if you have made payment by cash then chances are you will be having a loss but if you make it by card then you have a proof that you have paid them and you can get your money or car.

Don’t visit the dealership without having a financing offer

Car dealers make their profit by giving you financing offers on an auto loan that sometimes is not good for customers. So before visiting a dealership at least have a single option so that they can offer you great deals.

Don’t make this statement “I will be paying in cash”

This is a great thing for you but not for the dealer as they make their good revenue from financing. so don’t tell them initially first decide car then negotiate and then after discussing some financing options tell them you are thinking of paying in cash instead of financing.

Don’t buy it if it doesn’t’ have MSRP

Every car has an MSRP sticker that is removed by the buyer this contains the current MSRP of the car, this helps you negotiate with the dealer. If it is not present than there are chances that you are paying more.

Don’t make the first offer by yourself

Always let the dealer make the first offer because if you will make the first offer and dealer was giving you a much better offer they will not reveal it, eventually you have to stick on your words.

Don’t take the car if paperwork is not done

The dealership will offer you to have the car and they will say that we will have paperwork later. Don’t go for this as once you take the car you have to agree on whatever they put in the contract so first do all paperwork then take the car.

Don’t let salesperson get you wheels that you don’t want

Always stuck at your choice and explore options in that only; salesperson will try to get you a car in which they have maximum profit. So, choose the one that is best for you and is in your budget.

Don’t buy unnecessary accessories

Accessories make a car look good and different as this is your taste that you want in it but don’t buy extra accessories that are not useful for you like if you already having leather upholstery standard then don’t change it for something that may look more luxurious but making it costly for you.

Don’t by extended warranties on a new car

The new car already comes with included warranties that too for a quite long time so don’t add extra cost by having extended warranties. As when that coverage will start chances are you will be changing your car.

Don’t tell about the trade-in too early

Dealers want their profit so if you tell them initially that you want to trade-in then they will give you a low amount so it’s better first discuss all things negotiate on them and then tell them about your trade-in.