Best Time to Buy a New or Used Car

Best Time to Buy a New or Used Car

Buyers always want to have a discount so that they can save some money. Some negotiate with the dealer and it is effective but not all the time as you can negotiate but it will not give you the exact profit that you can have by purchasing it at the right time.

Although coronavirus pandemic has changed the automobile industry as many automakers and dealers are giving great deals like 0% interest. If you are thinking of buying a car than read this and it will help you get an additional discount.


You must have heard that going on weekends help you saving money but it doesn’t give you much advantage as it is crowded. Try going on Mondays many think that dealer will not negotiate in the early week but they do. On average people save 61% more while buying on Monday.


The dealership has its goals for annual sales so they easily negotiate in the month of December more specifically last week of December so that they can reach their goals that’s why it is the best month to buy a car. Salespersons get a bonus for their annual sale that is why they offer you good incentives. One more reason why you get a great discount in December is the production of next year models starts after the mid of year so new models are coming soon so they want space for new inventory.

October & November

As stated earlier that automakers started production of new models generally after July so they offer great discount in the rest months and these months have a list of holidays also i.e. Black Friday and Halloween. So, there are additional discounts on these days.

Try to stay away from SUVs, crossovers and trucks as the winter is coming so as snow and everyone is talking about traction and ground clearance. So these will not be having many great deals as compare to others.

End of car design

Car design is changed from time to time so that they can go up with the latest trends and seems attractive to their consumers. When automakers decide to change the styling of a car they announces it months ago and that is the time when you can save a good amount, just keep in mind you are buying a new car so you should bargain well.

End of car model

The needs of consumer’s changes like in recent times SUVs are more popular than sedans so many automakers discontinue some models and this is the situation when you can save good money. Keep in mind that as the model is discontinued it will depreciate more so pick after considering all future things.

Best holidays to buy a car

Almost every holiday comes with a great offer but is it always a good offer or it is just for increasing sales? Let see which holidays give you a great offer:

  • President Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • 4th July
  • Christmas week
  • New Year Eve and New Year day
  • Columbus Day weekend
  • Halloween
  • Black Friday

Best time to buy a used car

October to December is the best time to buy a used car as many new cars are announced in between and people are looking forward to buying them and they sell their old cars to buy new and as these months have many holidays that to bring great discounts on buying used cars also.