Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care Tips

It’s the time when we can say Winter is Coming! With the changes in the season some changes we have to do in our life the same with or vehicles. If you live in an area where winter is all about snowy roads you have to be careful about your vehicles who know what can happen. To avoid last-minute hassle or overpriced maintenance for winter follow these tips and have a great season ahead.

Here are some common tips that will help your vehicle to get through the winter season easily.

Apply car wax

Protect the exterior of your car from snow and road salts by applying car wax on the exterior. First, wash your car and scrub away all dirt then apply it.

Switch to synthetic engine oil

Change your conventional oil to synthetic as its easier in cold weather to start a car with synthetic oil because synthetic oil flows freer at low temperature and it doesn’t need time to warm up.

Maintain your battery

The battery is the first thing that gets hit in cold weather; maintaining it is necessary or your car won’t start because of a dead battery. If your battery is weak change it before winter or check the fluid by removing the red cap and if the fluid is less add more make it full.

Enhance the visibility

Clear visibility should be your priority but in winter it becomes especially important. Check that your headlights and taillight are working properly. Also, change your windshield blades with winter blades as it will be easy to clear snow and ice and fill the windshield washer tank with a deicing fluid it will be very helpful to remove ice on cold mornings.

Check your tires

Traction is key for cold weather well you can get good handling with all-wheel-drive but if you live in an area where snow falls then you should change regular tires to winter tires as they are specifically for this season and gives great handling on snowy roads. Besides, check the tire pressure regularly as with a 10-degree drop in air pressure it’s estimated that the tire pressure gets decrease by one pound. The inflated tire can tear faster, decrease fuel economy, and reduce handling. So, check it regularly.

Check your heaters

When it is too cold outside its easy to escape it by getting in the car but what if your car is also cold because you forget to check heaters? To avoid such a situation, check your heaters before the cold weather hits hard make sure it is working properly.

Check antifreeze

Antifreeze is one of the most important winter chemicals as it is in the engine cooling system. Make sure it is at the correct temperature by using an antifreeze tester or let your mechanic check it.

Check radiator

If the radiator is not filled to the right level with good antifreeze the liquid can freeze or cause lumps which can create a leak or transmission that can fall. So get your radiator check by your mechanic to make sure everything is perfectly fine.

Diesel fuel check

Diesel fuel lines tend to gel up in cold weather to avoid such problems use a product like diesel 911. Also, keep an eye on diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Get Brakes checked periodically

As the snowy roads are slippery there may have timing when you have to stop your car suddenly. Make sure your brakes are working properly to ensure maximum safety and to prevent costly repairs.

Things you should have in your car in the winter season

  • Emergency first aid kit
  • Battery jump starter
  • Ice scraper
  • Shovel
  • Traction mat
  • Keep fuel tank half-filled as if you get stuck in traffic you should not face any problem