Pros and Cons of Online Ordering a Vehicle vs. Buying From a Dealer

Pros and Cons of Online Ordering a Vehicle vs. Buying From a Dealer

Digitalization has taken over the market over the internet which also reduces the effort of going out or visiting the dealerships haggling over offers, prices, and more. The online car dealerships websites are easy to use and by clicking on build and price option you’re on your way to buy the car exactly in terms of what you want. The choice is all-yours in terms of choice of engine, transmission, interior,  exterior colors, tires, infotainment system.

Who doesn’t like the car of their choice after all the one has put the effort into configuring the car rather than visiting a dealership for buying a car?



  • Specification matters

Car shoppers mainly focus on the specs of the cars as they’re of major concern where you can select, engine transmission, tires, interior, seats, fabric, upholstery, seat covers, exterior colors, and more. The configuration provides you the liberty to build your car as you want also car automakers put this at priority.

  • Customizing and showing-off your car

Customizing your vehicle gives another level of excitement and one of the thrilling experiences in a lifetime where you have decided everything from scratch to build and with the help of automakers you have portrayed everything in the form of colors.


  • Time-consuming

It requires customers to wait for almost 6-8 weeks for a car to get build according to specifications and get delivered tp dealership. If it requires materials that can be imported requires more than months to assemble the car in the way you want.

  • Not what you ordered

Sometimes the specification user want cannot be fulfilled or replaced with things which you don’t like or majorly depends on the availability of parts. The website shows the availability but at the time of building the vehicle, there is no availability the automakers offer the vehicle with new features just to check the demand and customer’s response towards them before they launch the product.

  • State rules state new car can be purchased through an authorized dealer rather than buying directly

We understand that you’ve purchased the vehicle from directly from the factory and dealership doesn’t have a say towards the same which means no involvement, no discounts nothing.  However, the salesperson has the work to show you all possible options which they’ve but they cannot say whether they will build the vehicle according to your specifications.



  • Huge inventory to choose from

Easy availability of the vehicle and can browse their inventory online in order to see what you want is there and easily access the information on your phone in comfort your home. Configuring a car takes days to arrive with no assurance that it will in the way you want. It’s better to visit car dealerships near you check the vehicles from the local dealers and get delivered at your doorstep.

  • Inspect the vehicle

The time you have located the vehicle which you want to buy, the user can begin the inspection also check the car thoroughly in order to avoid any future mishappenings. Check physically by using control knobs, buttons, drop-down and adjust the driver seat, mirrors, use the sound system to check the volume bass, and other related things, before you invest money.

  • Dealers focus on clearing their inventory

The vehicle sitting on dealership incurs interest which costs them more. They’re always motivated towards selling the vehicle sooner to avoid the interest charges and also provide discounts to the customers.


  • Impulsive Buying

If you’re an impulsive buyer which means online vehicle order but with the help of buyer’s remorse the vehicle can be canceled but if you’ve bought with dealership it would be sitting tightly in your car garage.

  • Availability of color schemes

Eccentric taste in colors sometimes doesn’t get what we want in color which goes exactly with the interior or kind of pieces of equipment which customers want in their car. The imagination gives ideas to turn into reality which comes with an exciting thrill in order to assemble the car.


We see configuration here is their set of cons but when you order considers all the outcomes as your hard-earned money is on stake.