Do ABS lower down the insurance cost?

Do ABS lower down the insurance cost?

The idea for ABS originates from the modern systems that were introduced in the 1950s. Let’s explain, what is abs and its benefits for insurance.

What is ABS?

ABS is defined as the computer-controlled system which works with the car’s braking system. The word ABS itself describes its meaning as the safety system present in the vehicle in order to control the vehicle and each wheel has the attached sensor.

Most insurers do offer specific amounts off on a vehicle insurance policy if the car or truck comes with anti-lock brakes from the factory.

How many types of anti-lock braking systems are available?

There are two different types of ABS such as

  • Four-wheel: These brakes are present in cars and minivans.
  • Back-wheel: These are available in SUVs, pickup trucks and vans.


Nowadays the manufacturers use a four-wheel ABS system as they are safer in comparison to the back wheel.

How many kinds of anti-lock brakes are available?

There are 3 kinds of abs available which depends on the car.

1.  One-channel

The one-sensor ABS is available in pickup trucks with rear-wheel drive.

2. Three-channel

These three-sensor ABS are found in pickup trucks with four-wheel drive.

3. Four-channel 

This one is the best ABS which can found in the cars in the form of four-channel with four-sensor ABS and available in sedans.

Why do insurance companies consider ABS foremost in vehicles?

ABS prevents the uncertainties which can destroy human life also leads to damage in your vehicle.  The business of insurance companies involves a huge amount of risk if by any chance they can find a source to retain money from the user. ABS is one of the key safety features which insurance company includes in their insurance policy rates.

How do ABS benefits insurance companies?

The insurance companies consider the safety features available in the car which tends to determine the risk associated and can affect the claim payouts. These brakes eliminate the risk of accidents which benefits the insurance companies. They also provide various discounts to customers who have ABS in their cars. 

Can I get a car insurance discount on ABS?

There is a certain percentage of the discount which you can acquire is 3-10% with ABS in your car.