Sunroof vs. Moonroof: which is better?

Sunroof vs. Moonroof: which is better?

There was a time when the roof doesn’t matter a lot but nowadays many customers are adding sunroof or moonroof to their car or truck and it looks good. Many consumers are still confused that what exactly is a sunroof and a moonroof and what is the difference between them? How many types are there? and What are the pros and cons of having them? We have sorted this for you guys have a look and decide that you need a sunroof/moonroof or not.

What is Sunroof?

A sunroof is an opaque panel that matches the body paint of the vehicle. It can be opened or removed so that fresh air and natural light came into the car. The early sunroofs were made up of plastic or metal panels painted of the same color as the vehicle roof.

What is a Moonroof?

A moonroof is a type of sunroof made of glass it can be slide or tilt open but cannot be removed from the vehicle. Many moonroofs come with an interior sliding panel that matches the car interior and once the panel is open, you can see the moonroof.

Difference between Sunroof and Moonroof

The difference between sunroof and moonroof is sunroof is made up of metal or canvas and the moonroof is made up of glass. Today the automaker generally offers a moonroof and there is no difference between them but historically sunroof means no light or air like sunshade and moonroof is a glass sunroof.

What are the different types of Sunroof and Moonroof?

Built-in roof– These roofs have the option of raising it to vent or exhaust the air out of the interior, or sliding the panel fully open.

Spoiler roof– These roofs have the same pop-up vent option but when it gets open it remains above the roof as it slides back.

Pop-up roof– These roofs pop up the back to vent of the vehicle and in some cases, the entire panel can be removed and stored.

Lamella roof These roofs have numerous glass or opaque panels that can vent and slide back just like a set of horizontal Venetian blinds.

Folding/ Ragtops – These roofs feature a fabric panel that folds back as it slides open.

Removable roof– These are the type of sunroof which is almost a type of convertible including two removal glass panels that open the vehicle to side windows.

Panoramic roof– These roofs offer a view out for the front and rear seats and no open air. They may be fixed in the roof or it may have a glass pane that slides open. In recent times these roofs have been popular.

What are the pros and cons of Sunroof/Moonroof?

  • You can feel open air and freedom
  • Less noise than the opening side window
  • Great for ventilation
  • Increase the car value while trade-in
  • Natural air conditioning
  • Can serve as an emergency escape
  • More heat can enter the vehicle
  • Less headroom in models with panoramic roof
  • Adds more weight to the roof of the vehicle
  • Driving in rain is nosier with the panoramic sunroof
  • Risk of a leaky roof
  • low structural strength

How much a sunroof/moonroof costs?

Typically, a new moonroof/sunroof costs $1,000 and panoramic roofs can be double that price or more you can check-up at a local dealership. The pop up / removable panels can cost between $300 to $800.

Which one among moonroof and sunroof opens completely?

A moonroof opens by sliding back into the slot whereas the sunroof tilts open to provide ventilation in the car.

Which is the best moonroof or sunroof?

As per us, the moonroof is better as it is easy to open and close just by pressing a button and the sunroof is made up of metal and gets open manually or hand-operated crank.

Can a sunroof/moonroof be repaired or replaced?

Yes, the sunroof and moonroof can be repaired and replaced. The most common problem that these roofs get is leaks caused by leaves and other debris clogging drain holes that are in the four corners of the roof frame.