Nissan’s new low mileage lease deal for Sentra & Altima

Nissan’s new low mileage lease deal for Sentra & Altima

The pandemic has changed our lives and it has affected the use of the car as we have driving less since the pandemic has arrived. it has affected that so much that many insurance companies have to refund their premiums to their customers.

For this new reality, Automakers are changing their plans by offering greater flexibility for leasing a car. Recently, Nissan has shared the new 10,000 miles per year lease program for Nissan Sentra and Altima. The automaker has revealed this just at the right time to promote it with black Friday deals. Although, Nissan is in between the financial recovery for the loss caused this year and we hope it will help them to recover.

Let’s take the example of Nissan Altima S to see what is saved from this new lease deal. The lease price of Altima S is $279 a month for 36 months with a $2,599 down payment and a 12,000 miles limit and with a 10,000 miles limit it is for $269 with $2,499 due at signing. When computed with initial payment there is a $14 a month difference. Well, the difference is not so big but if you look at it year-wise it is $168.

If you drive in a limit of 10,000 miles it’s a great deal even though if you exceed the limit to $12,000 the $300 additional charge will be there and still, you will end up saving some amount that you are paying for 12,000 miles lease deal.

Customers who are interested in the new Nissan Sentra and Altima can take the advantage of this lease deal until November 30. There is a $ 500-holiday bonus is also on the table.