Say GoodBye to Mercedes Benz Sprinter Freightliner Van

Say GoodBye to Mercedes Benz Sprinter Freightliner Van

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things and it has badly affected the automakers in the U.S. that is pretty clear with low demand and production schedule issues. Mercedes Benz is one among them that is making changes in its line-up continuously and recently they ended the production on Freightliner Sprinter Van. The American version will no longer be in production but cargo and passenger van will be there.

Mercedes started selling sprinter in the United States in 2001 under the U.S based truck company Daimler (who owns it since 1981). The sprinter vans are built at a plant in southern California as CKD units by Freightliner.

The last output of the plant will be in September 2021 and the last Freightliner Sprinter will be sold on December 31, 2021. Mercedes has already told this to 36 Freightliner dealers this week; however sprinter van will continue sold on Mercedes dealerships.

The company’s statement on this matter:

“We announced the following to Freightliner dealers: The management of Mercedes-Benz AG (“MBAG”), has decided to discontinue distribution of the Freightliner Sprinter product in the U.S. market at the conclusion of the 2021 model year. This decision was made after much careful consideration of a number of factors. Specifically, the high homologation costs for a single-market, low-volume product like the U.S.-only Freightliner Sprinter were central to this decision. “

“Freightliner customers can continue to rely on the first-class service to which they are accustomed, and Freightliner is working with its current dealers to provide continued warranty services,” a company spokesman said.