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Ford dealer San Juan Capistrano

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We Take Care of your four wheeler

Want to fix your car? Come to us for we provide services from minute details like fixing scratches or car dent to repairing engine gasket to cleaning or replacement of parts and accessories. Not only this, our car-servicing includes oiling the car for smooth running, warranty options, fixing, and placing the right tire or wheel to the automobile.


Your Car Financing is Our Duty

Want to buy a car but don’t know how to arrange funds for it? Avail different financing offer as per your preference from our funding option like get loan at low rate of interest by either paying small installments each month or lump-sum payment, or takeaway the car on lease under flexible terms and condition by availing the deal at a high credit-rating score.

Vehicle Financing

affordable pre-owned cars for sale

When you visit our Car Dealership, you'll be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable sales team who is dedicated to helping you find your ideal car. They'll take the time to understand your needs, preferences, and budget, and help you compare and contrast different models and features to make an informed decision.

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Best Ford dealership and service in the country. They really care about customers needs and take their time to address all my issues. Will highly recommend this place. Everyone is amazing and patient there. The manger even called me personally and did his best to resolve my car issues from my visit! Definitely highly recommended for busy people.

daniela bautista


My experience in Ford is very good because the service and attention there from the managers is excellent, such as Joe Gonzales who helped us in the process when acquiring our truck, taking the time to show us and explain many things that are useful to us and being able to continue helping us is very kind of him, also Brett who was very kind, very friendly, always tries to help us also very attentive and patient and being able to receive his service and help is an honor. I really liked the experience of being able to go to Ford and leave happy without any problem

Mike and Linda Fitzwilliams


We were on vacation and had under cover come loose under the radiator. My husband used to live in area and had previously bought a truck from them. We were taken care of thoroughly , efficiently, and in a timely manner. Good outcome from what could have been a trying time. Thank 😊

Russell Tyler


Terrible service. I have been calling the Service Department for days, and no one picks up. And no one returns my calls. I brought in my truck for a recall of a part in the undercarriage, and then found out a second recall had occurred for the windshield wipers. I have left messages for the general manager, and used the web assistant chat. Still nothing. I called the Sales Department just to get someone to answer the phone. And that person was supposed to transfer me, and ending up hanging up on me. By contrast, the Subaru Service Department is fantastic. Nothing like this would happen there..



Awful service, rude staff and inexperienced mechanics. The service employees act like you’re inconveniencing them. When I was purchasing this vehicle I saw an irate customer losing their mind in the service department—I now know why. Our new vehicle has had to be brought in multiple times to fix issues, and still not all are fixed. They like to say “we couldn’t find the issue”. They said this with an oil leak. Literally puddles of oil in our garage and oil level low (brand new vehicle) and they said they couldn’t find a leak. They even sent us a video showing they checked for the oil leak, but then later admitted they didn’t remove the cover necessary to adequately investigate. One of the mechanics even told us that they aren’t familiar with how to fix the new Broncos. I bought the service plan and will be demanding a refund. After picking up your vehicle you’ll receive a recorded message over the phone from the Service Director, but he won’t call you back. We tried calling him twice, no call back. Excellent example of a terribly managed organization. I have two Fords, have owned several, and my first vehicle was a Ford Ranger, which I loved. The experience at Capistrano Ford has been so bad I will never buy another Ford.



We drive from San Diego (passing two other Ford Dealers) just to go to this one for service. Kyle Sanders is the best in the business when it comes to a service advisor. HE is the reason we drive over an hour to get service done! This dealership is always clean, pleasant and enjoyable to wait in.

Luz Diaz


Customer service is great because of Minor P. who's professionalism and honesty is appreciated. So many times women are taken advantage of as I've experienced and to know and feel safe everyone is treated equally. It is how EVERY business should run. Thank you!

Everett Yee


Bought our Transit from here. GM matched a price b/c he knew we lived in San Juan and wanted to serve our community. The service manager doesn't have the same philosophy, apparently. I asked him if he could match a coupon from another local dealership, and he took one look at it on my phone, handed it back and just said, "No." Didn't offer an explanation. I spoke with one of the service employees outside who was getting my mileage, and he tried to explain how they can't match it if it's under a set amount. Too bad the rude service manager doesn't know how to use words. Wish I caught his name, but he has a shaved head with a white/grey goatee, in his 50s/early 60s. Needless to say, this dealership will never get another dime from me.