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Honda dealer Bristol

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We Take Care of your four wheeler

Want to fix your car? Come to us for we provide services from minute details like fixing scratches or car dent to repairing engine gasket to cleaning or replacement of parts and accessories. Not only this, our car-servicing includes oiling the car for smooth running, warranty options, fixing, and placing the right tire or wheel to the automobile.

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Your Car Financing is Our Duty

Want to buy a car but don’t know how to arrange funds for it? Avail different financing offer as per your preference from our funding option like get loan at low rate of interest by either paying small installments each month or lump-sum payment, or takeaway the car on lease under flexible terms and condition by availing the deal at a high credit-rating score.

Vehicle Financing

affordable pre-owned cars for sale

When you visit our Car Dealership, you'll be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable sales team who is dedicated to helping you find your ideal car. They'll take the time to understand your needs, preferences, and budget, and help you compare and contrast different models and features to make an informed decision.

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Review From Google (Most Relevant)

christopher kroer


Over all great experience with the service department just bought a used gmc few days later won't start finally get it to take it right there and even though they were busy still took care of me. Only reason for 3 out of 5 is because I was there almost all day (4-1/2 hours) when we all knew the battery needed to be changed that's all. Now I understand that they had to order battery being gmc not honda but that long was a little ridiculous

Mariah Boyd


I love this dealership, truly. Had a great car buying experience back in 2021 with Courtney Graves (she is THE BEST!!) & always a great experience during my maintenance visits. They truly treat you well and you feel that they care and aren’t JUST trying to sell you something. They treat you like an actual person looking to make an informed decision with a seamless experience experience.

Ramona Forman


I had the best car buying experience at Honda of Kenosha. Adam, my salesman was awesome. He went above and beyond to make sure I got the exact car I wanted. Jesus made the paperwork quick and seamless. I was told it could be a month or two before my car would be available and it was ready the very next week!!

Michelle Snow


Our sales guy Anthony was great, truly genuine and very helpful. Jesus in finance was very friendly and nice as well. I was dreading the car buying experience, and they both made it not only painless but a happy, exciting experience - which getting a new car should be! Would highly recommend Honda Kenosha.

Dave Schilz


The price as advertised was a “show price” they added $1500-2000 in unrequested “upgrades” to the car prior to purchase to pad their revenue and misrepresent the price. Read their disclaimer carefully online. Basically it’s their waiver that they are lying on the price. Next they will attempt to charge you as high a rate as possible and add up in more upgrades to make as much money as possible. By as much as 80-90% your actual payment (even with good credit) Lastly, they will try to sell you additional coverage and warranty and service packages for between $100-200 per month when you go to sign paperwork. I give them two stars because they didn’t waste more than 2 hours of my time.

Mike Quernemoen


Add $4,000 to the advertised price for mandatory "accessories" that they don't tell you about until it's time to get the out the door pricing. For more detail (as requested in response by the dealership), when the salesperson was showing us various aspects of the car, he mentioned some security glass etching and floor mats and possibly other things I couldn't remember. Since they were already in/part the car, its common sense that they would be part of the listed sale price. Sure, we could take out the floor mats but the etched glass was definitely part of the car. This sales technique is as silly as adding $1200 for the tires on the car, $1,000 for the rims already on the car and another $2000 for paint. I realize several dealerships in the Racine and Kenosha area are doing this. I will stick to honest dealers who's sale price includes everything in the pictures.

Samantha Sowa


I had a great experience purchasing my vehicle from Honda of Kenosha! Jim S. was very helpful, kind, and straightforward with us, and Amos was very helpful for the entire paperwork process to secure my vehicle. I greatly appreciate all the services that Honda of Kenosha offers, and I highly recommend considering them for your next vehicle purchase! Thank you Jim, Amos, and Team at Honda of Kenosha!

Faizah Calverley


I am leasing. Everything was great, car is perfect just needed to get the windows tinted. So I made my appointment to get them tinted they told me it would take all day and that I’d be able to get a loaner car. Went it for my appointment and they said oh you can’t have a loaner because your not 23 years old (I’m 21). So they will let a 21 y.o. lease a car but not use one when theirs is in the shop. So I had to have someone drive out there to bring me to work, then home from work, and then have them bring me back out there to get my car back. I live 40 minutes away from the dealership so it really sucked. They could have at least said that beforehand.