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BMW dealer Eatontown

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We Take Care of your four wheeler

Want to fix your car? Come to us for we provide services from minute details like fixing scratches or car dent to repairing engine gasket to cleaning or replacement of parts and accessories. Not only this, our car-servicing includes oiling the car for smooth running, warranty options, fixing, and placing the right tire or wheel to the automobile.

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Want to buy a car but don’t know how to arrange funds for it? Avail different financing offer as per your preference from our funding option like get loan at low rate of interest by either paying small installments each month or lump-sum payment, or takeaway the car on lease under flexible terms and condition by availing the deal at a high credit-rating score.

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When you visit our Car Dealership, you'll be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable sales team who is dedicated to helping you find your ideal car. They'll take the time to understand your needs, preferences, and budget, and help you compare and contrast different models and features to make an informed decision.

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Dazzle Jewel and Co


Words can’t describe the positive experience we had purchasing our car yesterday. We were treated with the upmost respect and kindness and we highly recommend this dealership for purchasing a new vehicle. Our salesman was honest and patient and we will be customers for life. One of the few family owned dealers left and you can truly feel it as everyone was so kind and down to earth. Thank you!!

Nicodemo Fiorentino


My fiancé and I stopped into Circle BMW this past Saturday and met with Alex. We are BMW loyalists and were in the market for a new one but really didn't know what to buy. Alex was very patient, professional, very knowledgeable and helped us through the process. The transaction overall went very smoothly and quickly, from the time we spent with Alex and into the Finance Department. All were very accomodating, professional, and made us feel comfortable that we made the right decision. I highly recommend Circle BMW and we will definitely be back there again in a couple of years (or maybe sooner) for a new one!

Elisha Levine


Fast smooth warm friendly dealership! Louis Rodreges is super nice, i would like to continue buying all my cars from him and send all my friends and family. Sales person Alex was very helpful and patient. Best, Eli Levine

Aicha Mancino


My husband received a courtesy car which we used for the day to take our kids to camp, to the park and grocery shop. Things a normal family do. we had to take all our personal stuff out of our car and put it into the courtesy vehicle, which included kids things (if your a parent you know there are a whole lot of them. A diaper caddy, spare clothes, stroller, car seats, sports gear, camp clothes/extra towels etc. yes there was a lot of stuff. When we returned the courtesy car my husband was cleaning and transferring all items back to our bmw an employee of Circle bmw named Jennifer came out and addressed him. She told him the car was filthy and how in the hell did we manage to destroy the car in one day. He told her it’s just the kids stuff and he would be cleaning it. She then continued to berate him and took photos of him. He was embarrassed and angered so just rushed out. He soon received a call from Brian, another circle employee and told him he would be charged 249.95 for a detailing. We were in complete shock, there was no reason for that and he said “oh well you signed the courtesy car agreement and you have already been charged.” He said we have your signature so do as you please. We couldn’t believe the treatment and the tone Brian was giving. These people are scammers and will Do anything for a buck. I’ve attached photos to show what a mess for a 249.95 car wash is according to circle bmw.

Jordan Bellani


What a wonderful experience. Alex was great to work with and professional from start to finish. Always answered my calls/emails promptly and was a pleasure to work with. Jon, the BMW genius, was awesome at showing me how to use everything in my new X7. Love Circle BMW and would highly recommend, such a professional dealership!

Tina Kwiatkowski


Justin Pastore was Outstanding in Customer Service. This was my 1st BMW 230i 2 Door Coupe. I waited 7 months for this Car to be built and Justin kept me updated thru out the entire process along with my Bmw garage. Thank you so much Justin for all your help and once again OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank you Tina Kwiatkowski



I'm glad that I will never be stepping into Circle BMW ever again, and I hope my experience opens your eyes. Its May 28, I walk in and order myself a 2023 BMW M3 X-Drive Comp. I pay a $5000 Allocation premium on top of the build price, which is fine there is a lot of demand and its understandable. I leave the dealership happy that I secured my new car, 4 months pass I am wondering where my Production # is... Turns out my car arrived, I was not informed nor the dealer I worked with, and they resold the car to someone else... Funny part is I was not the only one... My friend that was waiting for 2 brand new BMWs was also in the same exact situation. I was pretty shocked when I found out about all of this. Imagine being an authorized BMW dealership and snaking your own loyal customers who have already paid premiums just to get an allocation all because you will profit a couple thousand dollars. I am sure you wont have an issues with cars that aren't sought after too much, but keep in mind there is a chance you get scammed for your build you have been waiting for, for months if the car is somewhat desired by many. First time for everything, Glad to have experienced this.. Onto another BMW dealership. Id give 0 Stars if I could...



Service, service, service, extraordinary service from my sales person Justin Pastore. I had many panic moments while waiting but he kept me information every step of the way. From day one when I walked into the dealership he respected my presence, was not pushy, we sat and he highlighted my options based on my desired choices. Told me when the car was selected for production, when it came out of production, when it got onto the boat, when delivered to the port and ultimately delivery to the dealer. Delivery of the car was amazing and today I am one happy customer. I know good customer service and this was "IT". The other BMW dealer did not measure up so I requested my deposit from them and went to Circle. Thank you!!