Hyundai Launches a New Brand Devoted to Hydrogen

Hyundai Launches a New Brand Devoted to Hydrogen

Hydrogen has a different place for automakers as it saves them when fossil fuel gets extinct. Although it makes sense to invest in this technology as hydrogen is everywhere. Hyundai has decided to carry forward this fuel cell technology and announced a new fuel cell brand called HTWO.

The HTWO is named after the hydrogen molecule H2, which is also meant to represent both Hydrogen and Humanity. Hyundai said that these two things are the main pillars of its new fuel cell business. This new brand will grow the Korean automaker fuel cell business and hydrogen ecosystem. Hyundai has 20-plus years of experience in this field.

HTWO is for the development of next-generation hydrogen fuel cell system and not limited to automobiles only, the application such as UAM (Urban Air Mobility), vessels, automobile, vessels, and even trains are in the plan.

The automaker claims that this next-gen system will deliver “enhanced performance and durability at an affordable price in a lighter architecture with enhanced energy density”. Hyundai is also a member of the Hydrogen Council, a global coalition of leading energy transportation and industry companies. With the solely brand focused on fuel cell technology, Hyundai is once again at the forefront of innovation. Other automakers also offer fuel cell technology in their vehicle but no one has a special focused brand for that.

Hyundai also said that for now this technology will be focused on the major hub region of Korea, Europe, the U.S.A, and China.