All About Dodge Vehicles

All About Dodge Vehicles

Dodge is one among the oldest American automaker and performance brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. They value of their customer’s choice and offers old school cheap muscle cars filled with performance. Dodge current line-up has muscle cars i.e. Charge and Challenger, SUVs i.e. Durango and Journey, Minivan i.e. Grand Caravan and  therefore the sports car Viper is out of production. In the year 2019 Dodge sold 96,935 units of Charger and 60,007 units of Challenger.

Facts About Dodge

  • First Dodge vehicle come in 1914 was Dodge 30
  • In 1917 dodge added trucks to its line-up
  • Chrysler bought it in 1928 for $170 million
  • In 2014 Dodge goes on Diesel with its 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 first compact pickup to offer a diesel engine
  • 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat the 707 horsepower car was the most powerful American production

Service and Maintenance

Dodge service and maintenance part is handled by Mopar. Mopar offers service deals with complimentary pick up and drop and different maintenance programs, you can choose as per your need. They have trained team dedicated to their work and perfect for your vehicles.

Parts and Accessories

You can find part and accessories for your Dodge vehicle at Mopar’s. They offer parts and accessories that have been built solely for Dodge vehicles.

Lease Deals

These lease rates are for estimation purposes only. You may not be able to lease your vehicle at this rate. It varies from model to model of vehicles. A security deposit may be required.

  • Up to $531 per month for 36 months on 2020 charger models
  • $364 for 42 months on charger GT
  • $324 per month for 42 months on 2020 Challenger SXT
  • Starting $360 for 36 months on 2020 challenger
  • $295 for 42 months on 2019 challenger SXT
  • Starting at $353 for 36 months on 2019 challenger
  • $331 for 42 months on 2020 Durango SXT Plus
  • Starting from $329 on 2020 Durango
  • $259 for 42 months on 2019 Journey crossroad
  • $296 for 36 months on 2019 Journey GT

Finance Deals

These deals are for well-qualified buyers not all will get the lowest price. Valid only when financed through Chrysler Capital. Must take retail delivery by 08/31/2020.

  • 0% APR for 36 months on charger 2020
  • 98% APR for 60 months on 2019 charger
  • 0% APR for 36 months on 2020 Challenger
  • 0% APR for 36 months on 2019 challenger
  • 0% APR for 36 months 2020 Durango
  • 0% APR for 72 months on 2020 Durango GT plus, Citadel, R/T and Citadel Anodized Platinum
  • 0% APR on for 36 months on 2019 & 2020 Journey
  • 0% APR on for 36 months on 2019 & 2020 Grand Caravan

Cash Deals

These deals are valid when financed through Chrysler Capital. Not all buyers will qualify. Offer varies by model and location. Must take retail delivery by 08/31/2020

  • Up to $7,070 cash allowance on 2020 charger
  • Up to $7, 970 on 2020 & 2019 challenger
  • Up to $4750 on 2020 Durango
  • Up to $6,500 on 2019 Journey
  • Up to $3,250 on 2020 Journey
  • Up to $5,000 on 2019 Grand Caravan
  • Up to $3,250 on 2020 Grand Caravan

Bonus offers

Dodge has already offered a great lease, finance, and incentive deals except that they also offer some programs for specific customers to give them a bonus, these programs are Military Bonus Cash, First Responder Bonus Cash, and Affiliate Rewards for employees.

They also offer a Driveability program for customers with permanent disabilities in which they offer up to $1000 off on the installation of the adaptive driver and passenger equipment.

Best Selling vehicles

Dodge Charger
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Journey
Dodge Grand Caravan


Is Dodge still American?

Yes it is one of the oldest American Automakers

Does Ford own Dodge?

No, it is part of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)

Who is Dodge owned by?

 Dodge is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

Does Dodge make good cars?

Yes they offer cars with great performance and reliability varies in models

What are the Dodge SUV models?

Durango and Journey

What is the cheapest Dodge?

In 2020 models lowest price if of Dodge Grand Caravan starting from $29,025

What cars do Dodge still make?

Dodge line-up has Charger, Challenger, Durango, Journey, Grand Caravan, and SRT variants of Charger, Challenger, and Durango.

What is the most expensive Dodge car?

In recent time, the most expensive Dodge of is 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat starts at $83,000

Who is the largest Dodge dealer in the US?

Dave Smith Motors

Is Dodge still offering 0 financing?

Yes, 0 financing deals are going on 2020 models